POF Inbox : Send And Receive Plenty Of Fish Email

POF inbox email messages are important in online dating. This is your main hub of communication with other singles.Other than viewing online dating profiles of people you want to meet, your PlentyOfFish inbox will be where you are spending most of your time. Sending messages and replying to people looking to date you are common functions on Plenty Of Fish. Using the PlentyOfFish app, this section is called messages.

The POF inbox is pretty straight forward. Once you use your Plenty Of Fish login inbox messages appear instantly. If you have ever used an email, you will be familiar with most all of the functions available in PlentyOfFish inbox. There are a couple email functions unique to Plenty of Fish.

Most dating sites charge to contact members. On Plenty of Fish your inbox is completely free to send and receive messages. Becoming familiar with reading, replying, deleting, and sending emails from your PlentyOfFish inbox is an important step in finding love.

It is important you understand how the Plenty Of Fish inbox works. It could be quite easy to lose track of conversations once the emails start rolling in or going out.

The use of your Plenty Of Fish inbox on POF.com vs. the Plenty of Fish app are very similar but for a couple slight differences

Check Your Plenty Of Fish Email Messages

To read your PlentyOfFish mail or check for new inbox messages you will need to sign into Plenty Of Fish using your Plenty Of Fish login. If you are signed in from your desktop, you will automatically be directed to your messages. If you are not sent to your inbox, look for the link that says “inbox” or “new”. Click the tab to view your messages.

new messages in plenty of fish inbox

Your unread emails will display a green icon. To read a new message just click anywhere inside the message display. The PlentyOfFish app works the same way other than you will need to tap the messages icon from your home screen first.

pof app messages

Sending Messages From Your PlentyOfFish Inbox

Sending emails from your PlentyOfFish inbox is quite simple. In both the app and desktop version of PlentyOfFish, open one of your messages. At the bottom of your message there will be an option to reply. Fill out the text field and your message will be sent. It is that easy!

Write Plenty Of Fish Message

You can also send messages when you are browsing profiles and find someone you are interested in. At the bottom of their profile will be a message form. You can send a quick message right from their profile.

Priority sending is also available. It will cost money though.

Reply To An Email Message In The Mobile App

Once you find an email in which you think you may want to engage in a conversation, you are going to want to reply. On PlentyOfFish.com and the mobile app there will be a text field at the bottom where you can message the user back. When you are satisfied with your reply press the send button and watch the sparks fly. The desktop version of PlentyOfFish is outlined in the previous step.

In the event a user has sent an inappropriate message you can block them as well as report them to Plenty Of Fish. To block a PlentyOfFish user there will be a link in the lower right corner of the screen next to the reply box. To report another PlentyOfFish user for inappropriate content, click the link in the upper right hand corner next to the original message.

Upgraded members have the option to attach an image or gift to their reply. PlentyOfFish mobile users have the ability to respond with a voice message.

Delete Old Messages From Your POF Inbox

Sometimes when corresponding with other online dating users you may not feel a connection and wish to delete a message. You can delete multiple messages by selecting the check boxes located to the right of the message and then pressing delete. If you wish to delete an individual message there is a link at the bottom of every email that says delete conversation.

As you can clearly see, communicating on Plenty Of Fish is extremely simple using the PlentyOfFish inbox.

Filtering Unwanted Email Messages From Your Inbox

To maximize your connection potential and to stop unwanted messages you will need to set up filters. Filters prevent users from sending messages to your inbox if they do not meet your specific requirements. Before you use the PlentyOfFish search and start finding users to send messages to you will want to get familiar with the inbox filters. There are five basic elements available to help create a successful line of communication with other Plenty Of Fish members. Getting yourself accustomed to how they work can help you pinpoint the type of person you wish to correspond with.

There are some differences between the mobile app settings and the desktop version of Plenty Of Fish. The desktop version has more in depth setting adjust-ability than the app. With the app you are limited to only making adjustments to message notifications. On PlentyOfFish.com however, you can limit who starts a conversation with you based on five different custom message filters.

To get to your message settings on pof.com you will need to go to your inbox. On the top right hand corner of your inbox look for the gear icon. Click the icon and you will be taken to a separate screen where all of your message adjustments will be made.


This setting will allow you to receive messages from your preferred gender. If you happen to not have a preference, you can leave this set to ‘anyone’.

Age Between

Here you will be able to select the minimum and maximum age you would like to get messages from. Remember on PlentyOfFish you can only contact users within 14 years of your own age.


Leave this set to ‘any’ to accept messages from people all around the world. Or, if you have a specific country in mind you would like to be messaged from, you can select that country alone.


This will limit users who are located within 75 miles of you. If you do not mind corresponding with other PlentyOfFish members long distance you can set to ‘any’.

First contact messages must be

Adjust the amount of characters required for another PlentyOfFish member to contact you. So for example if you want a message with a bit more substance, try setting your first message limitation to 100 characters or more. This will help in weeding out all of the ‘hi’ messages that leave little room for response.

Allow a user to see that I viewed their profile

This is self explanatory. If you do not want users to see you viewed them you can change this to ‘no’.

Blocked users

In the PlentyOfFish inbox settings you can access a list of users who you have blocked previously. Clicking this link will give you the option to unblock them